Sunday, April 11, 2004

Dept. of New-Virtual-Love-Service

Get your girlfriend online! Only $45.

This site must be the one least talked about when coming to members and users of it. At Imaginary Girlfriends you can have an imaginary girlfriend. It´s "real" girls who pretends to be your girlfriend with letters, phone messages and so on. Just to have the feeling of not being a loser I suppose.

How to define this service? A virtual childproof version of escort? The service is including "every week you will receive a one to three page handwritten letter, personally addressed to you, on pretty stationary sprayed with perfume. Most girlfriends also send pictures and/or other special gifts (ie: lingerie). " and this would then make friends and family drop the subject of you never getting laid. I can imagine: "Hey Mom, look what I got from XX in the mail today! A couple of g-strings!"...

It costs. But $45 for two months - that's pretty cheap compared what real dating would cost. And you might get some g-strings too...

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