Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Dept. of Animals-That-We-Love

A colorful hedgehog

The International Hedgehog Association is telling us important knowledge of the little creature with sharp pins. There's 92 different color-settings of the population of hedgehogs. That's interesting. What interest me the most is: who the hell have counted?! I mean: bird-watching okey, the birds do fly. But hedgehog-watching mean looking at a pile of autumnleaves in hours waiting for the little one to come out.

And hold your horses: there's more from where that come from. At the The International Hedgehog Registry you can register "your hedgehogs". And the sites mission statements is:

1. To preserve and improve the quality of the species, and to keep track of the progress of our efforts.

2 To improve knowledge of inherited traits, toward the goal of eliminating those characteristics that have a negative impact on hedgehog longevity and health and increasing those traits that enhance the species.

3 To track the demographics and distribution of pet hedgehogs.

4 To connect hedgehog owners and breeders with one another, to the enhancement of the hedgehog community.

"Pet hedgehogs"? Why's that? There's not that kind of cuddly little fur-ball that one should want to have in the bed. People are strange...

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