Saturday, April 03, 2004

Dept. of Mobile-Movie-Makers

Home of the bold and beautiful

"I was very shocked and surprised," says Holden, 41, of Olive Branch, Miss., who still has a difficult time talking about what she saw about 18 months ago. "I just could not believe that people had the audacity to do that."

Mrs Holdens shocking experience was to see how a porno-flic was playing at the portable DVD in the sports-vehicle beside her when sitting in her Humwee. And it´s surely a big thing: dirty driving where owners of DVD in a car is showing their taste in movies for their co-trafficants. There is a lot of upset judgements on this behavior; both since there is som state-laws forbidding drivers to watch movies during the trip but also pure moral: "I think it's the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle whether they're viewing this or not," says Councilwoman Carolyn Sims. "You should have the right to ride down the streets and not be subjected to this pornography."

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