Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Dept. of High-Standards-Law

No chewing without prescription

The well-known and maybe one of the world's most stupidest laws (and stickiest): the Singaporian ban of chewing gum is now under reconstruction and the access expands even though it's under tight rules. Only gum for therapeutical use is for sale. Pfizer is trying to get to put the Nicorette-gum on sale and Wrigley´s have got their sugar-free chewinggum to be OTC-like in pharmacies and drug-stores.

The gum ban is from 1992 when people was using gum to keep the subwaydoors open. And since Singapore is a non-democratical Asian tiger the ban have been in action and though the sale of gum is coming to the counters the legislative heads are threatening with stiffer fines for people littering the town with gum.

Myself I wonder if the Singapore lawmakers do censor the Star Wars-movies too. I mean: Chewbacca is there...

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