Friday, March 05, 2004

Dept. of Scary-Gadgets

Sweet dreams are made of this

Don't you sometimes wish you could decide what to dream about when sleeping those few hours that is needed to be as functional as expected?

"The dream machine comes equipped with a voice recorder, array of lights, picture frame, fragrance dispenser, selection of internally stored background music, two speakers and a timer.
Working in conjunction, these components allow users to design their dreams through multisensory stimuli of scents, sounds and more.
we're told by Wired News.

And of course, it made in Japan. The home of The Divine Gizmo.

But who can be happy ever after reading about the Deep Sleep of Reality? No, cause real scientists in the dreary area of sleep says that noone can tell when REM is occurring (well - why don't you call Michael Stipe? *arr-arr*) and then this timing idea of set more stimuli to the dreamer is a setback.

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