Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dept. of Wicked-Collections

What's on your list, man?

You know that there is strange ways to still the gene of collect. Soda-cans, badges and stuff. But the very surreal collections is those and one of the most stupid is The Grocery List Collection. And he is sort of using it as a sociologicaly test (what is people of S:t Louis, Missouri shopping) and his findings is: "More people than I thought like onions. Mayonnaise is difficult to spell. So is banana, apparently. And anchovies. And yogurt. There are a lot of notepads out there touting the greatness of numerous bizarrely-named pharmaceuticals. I used to think my handwriting was lame. Now I don't. And lastly, very few people leave their grocery lists in the cart like they should!"

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