Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Dept. of ESP

Feel the pain

This is somewhat a classic. There's lot of journalists who been revealed to report from places but themselves sitting at some hotel far away.

The weatherman Gary LaPierre WBZ Radio was talking about the cold weather and, as usual, got the listeners to feel that he was in Boston looking out the window. But he wasn't.

The report of one of the coldest mornings in Boston was sent from his condo down in Florida. And this story did uncover that LaPierre did this often. He had furnitured a studio in his house and with the help of Internet and other communication tools he could paint the picture of the weather.

That's a new way - think about the highway-reporter who reporting from the Boeing on his way to Bali: "Well, at the interstate there is a huge caravan of... camels...".

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