Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Dept. of Marriage-Licensing

I do, I do, I don't

Everyone surely have heard about somewhat of the shortest marriage in the music-biz. I mean 55 hour must be somewhat short even in the eye of the rock'n'roll-circus. Britney and some guy from back home did marry in Vegas. And now the lad have told the tale.

They was chilling in the Palms Casino Hotel and after watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the tube "and we had so much fun, just looking out at the city and the lights, and we were, 'We're in Las Vegas, let's do something. Let's go get married,' ". That seem like a very good argument for taking the vows and promise eachother to love the other for better or worse.

But Britney surely have a good op to win the Bonehead of the day award.

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