Sunday, September 21, 2003

Dept. of Things-Needed-In-War

If you shall kill - choose the right groove

As a soldier one probably gets bored just wandering around and waiting for some action. Listening to the sound of the night or the noise from the people you battled. Why not take the opportunity either to enjoy some good music from back home or take the chance to educate yourself listening to an audiobook?

The AK-MP3 then is what the doctor ordered. Put it in the special made belt or at the ammo and you can raid the next village in company of some good southern country or why not let the Ride of Valkyrians make you a killer?

Some other proposals of music for the gunning groovejet: Rod Stewart, Baby Jane ("Optimism is my best defense"); Don Henley, The End Of The Innocence ("Arm chair warriors often fail"); Kenny Rogers, Coward Of The County ("Sometimes you've got to fight when your a man"); Gwar, Have You Seen Me ("Dead kids, they make me feel almost hard. Go get one from the school yard. He bled like a stuck pig"); The Kinks, 20th Century Man ("The wonderful world of technology, napalm, hydrogen bombs, biological warfare"); Megadeth, Loved To Death ("If I can't have you, then nobody will. And since I won't, I'll have to kill"); Metallica, Master Of Puppets ("You're dedicated to how I'm killing you"); Exodus, Choose Your Weapon ("Obeying no law but our own, violence is what we promote"); Grateful Dead, Greatest Story Ever Told ("I asked him for mercy, he gave me a gun").

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