Saturday, September 13, 2003

Dept. of Statistics

Toplists are listed

As a non-american it is really fascinating with the americans love for lists. That country must be the most statistical transparent of all. The biz-paper Forbes have a special section for all the lists and here is lists of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities as well as Best Cities For Singles. Not to forget is the important list of America's Best- And Worst-Dressed Billionaires, surely a list that one can't live without. World's Best Airport Lounges 2003 is surely a list that makes sense as well as Best New England Inns 2002. The list with The Most Overpriced Places is surely something to write out and carry in the pocket, if ending up in Honolulu by mistake.

A list that I surely think is wrong is Best Blogs. Why? Neither of my blogs are there :).

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