Friday, September 12, 2003

Dept. of Dumb Dumb Spammer

Mr Moore shouldn't file to be member of MENSA

In the everlasting game of "dumbest ass in the world" George Allen Moore Jr is surely one who make a run for the top. This guy have sued a anti-spamgeek for harrassment since mr Moores name and adress have been put on a website. Why? Because mr Moores company use the "bulkmail"-way to advertise their goods. But the owner of Maryland Internet Marketing Inc. won't be called spammer since he mean that he is outsourced the marketing of his products (and therefore obviously can't be responsible for the methods used). I like that kind of logic - it's fresh somehow, not relaying on traditional sets of logic. *grin*

His company is selling software for anti-virus from Symantec (Dr Norton) and the AV-monolith have learned that the versions of Norton mr Moore is making money on is pirated. But - do not be worried: he claims it isn't. I can almost feel that his is rather cool even though he must be one of the most stupid re-sellers in the world.

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