Saturday, August 16, 2003

Dept. of Deadly Serious Tourism

The deadly places

People are fascinated of celebs and of death. Of course those together will be a way to communicate with others. At Where the Stars Died it's surely a way to get all the morbid facts and even to find ones way.

Some sort of biz-op: The Death Row - visit the places where your favourite star took the last breath. All the gory details included.

The site-owner is also afraid of being sued by people who visit the places and have marked some places with an asterisk (7047 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood is one of the places - where Janis od'd 1970) since those locations "are located in high-crimes areas and may not be safe to visit".

Of course the guy with the site also have the Hollywood scandals in the same site and the most strange thing is his collection of Hollywood Ghosts and Haunted Houses. Did you know that some freaks believe that Marilyn Monroe is haunting The Roosevelt Hotel, and she's not alone: Montgomery Clift (some actor back in the 50's) is said to haunt room #928 of the 9th floor of the hotel, playing a trumpet, and pacing the hallways while reciting his old lines. And as if it wasn't enough for the market-division at the hotel there is a "cold spot" in the ballroom.


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