Sunday, August 31, 2003

Dept. of It's Ugly But It's On-trend

A Marimekko-upset?

As I have somewhat fell into working with brands and such strange virtual values one stumbles over strange things. One of the most peculiar brand stretchings I´ve seen recently is the TV-sets with Marimekko-pattern on.

And in the press release one surely is stunned of all b*llsh*t that the agency hired is coughing up:

"The televisions will adopt the familiar look of Marimekko textiles. Different kinds of patterns can now be used to alter the feel of a home as required. Television will become a visible part of the interior design, be it the living room, children's room or even the summer cottage. There are three different Marimekko designs to choose from, besides classical black and white. In the future, further models can be added to compliment the current trends.".

Much one should have to see...

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