Sunday, February 01, 2004

Dept. of Toy-And-Art

Nude Barbie in the mixer

An artist named Forsythe have used Barbiedolls in nude positions at somewhat strange situations: in the mixer or in a Martini-glass. And of course did Mattel sue him - nothing else was to expect. They meant that the pics was infringing their copyright. The big brand is a little bit annoyed when using their expensive best-selling doll in ways they didn't think it should be.

But the judge dismissed the case on the ground of First Amendment. The photos is ruled to be a parody and that Mattel's advertising isn't infringed.

The case's history is starting back in 1999 when Forsythe first released his art since his idea was to show that "Barbie is the most enduring of those products that feed on the insecurities of our beauty and perfection-obsessed consumer culture".

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